The August Alliance

Now that August is over, so is the August Alliance project. With the help of our amazing supporters, hundreds joined our alliance! Though we didn’t meet our ultimate goal of finding 2000 people to give this month, the project grew the results of our fundraising efforts tremendously.

You can still bring hydration to others with us as our ride continues: Give Clean Water

In August we sought 2000 people to give water to 2000 people. Since we pedaled 2000 miles that month for clean water, and our fundraising goal is to raise $20 per mile, we wanted to find one person who would give $20 for every mile we rode.

Because $20 gives one person clean water for a generation, on our ride we pedal one person to safety each mile. Those who joined the alliance effectively joined our team on a mile of the ride in August, only they didn’t have to pedal it. Together, with Living Water International, we build wells to bring clean water to the people who need it most.

Give Clean Water

  • First, visit LWI’s give/h2oride page:
  • Next, create your LWI User Account (or login using your existing account if you have one)
  • Fill out the donation form, enter $20 for each mile you’d like to “purchase”, and submit the donation.

The Alliance (List)

Access to safe clean drinking water is not taken for granted.

The poor of the world are not forgotten.

The following people stand with The h2o Ride for clean water.

Thanks for joining us!

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