The h2o Challenge

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Will you accept the challenge?

The h2o challenge asks every individual we meet to join our mission in three ways.


Every time you turn on the faucet remember the thirsty and let God’s compassion fill you – join us in praying for an end to the water crisis. 

Pray for the thirsty »

  • As believers in the power of prayer, Living Water International leads organized prayer movements for water. Join us using this prayer guide:



Consider giving $20 or more to give one person clean water for a generation.

Give clean water »

  • First, visit LWI’s give/h2oride page:
  • Next, create your LWI User Account (or login using your existing account if you have one)
  • Fill out the donation form, enter the amount, and submit your donation.
If you would prefer, we also have information to give by mail.



Ask the organizations you’re a part of to become key contributors in our next project by giving $500 or more.

Become a key contributor

With help from your communities, their communities can live. Follow these steps to become a key contributor for our next project:

  1. First, give $500 or more for clean water through the h2o ride.
  2. Next, provide us the information for your organization in this form:
    Key Contributor Submission
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    Organization Name: *
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    (city & state)
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    Organization Website:
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    Financial Contribution: *
    (enter the amount of money that has been given for clean water through the h2o ride)
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    Email Address: *
    (enter an email address which we can use to verify this information if necessary)
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  3. And that’s it – after we’ve reviewed and processed your submission your community will be listed on our projects page and below.

Key Contributors

Project 2

Servant ChurchAustin$3872
h2o Ride Well Done PartyAustin$1300
The Bedford FamilyLubbock TX$2100
The Merwin's Hot Dog PartyBuffalo$1030
Spring Green Community ChurchSpring Green$1300
Metropolitan Baptist ChurchFargo$875

Project 1

Immanuel Lutheran ChurchCrystal Lake$1900
Our Redeemer's ChurchMinot$2350
Trinity Baptist ChurchSpokane$600
Mountain Valley ChapelGold Bar$600

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