Bringing Living Water

What are you drinking?

Are you drinking dirty water too?

When we don’t know God our souls are thirsty.

Our attempts to quench our thirst apart from God poison us like contaminated water, sickening our souls.

Jesus, the ultimate well-builder, died for us to dig a well deeper than we could on our own. His death was a sacrifice which makes it possible for us to be reconciled with God. Knowing God is the only thing that quenches our thirst and gives us eternal life. God’s love is clean, life-giving water for our souls.

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The truth about Jesus:

First, God created the world and everything in it. With great love and wisdom, He made humans. He gave us life and made us for connection with Himself. But when the evil one offered another way, we took it, and we fell. Away from God: from light to darkness; from life to death; from beauty and truth to ugliness and lies.

Since then and throughout all history, people have been living for themselves. Apart from God, our souls ache – just as our bodies need water to survive, our souls need connection with God, the spring of living water. So we’ve tried all sorts of things to make ourselves feel better, but nothing works.

Then came Jesus, God’s only son. He walked with us, amidst our brokenness, but He lived differently. He taught us that living for ourselves was poisoning us like contaminated water, and leaving us thirsting for more. Knowing the true God He said, was the only thing that could quench our thirsts and give us eternal life.

But how could we know God when we were so distant from Him? Even our best attempts to reach Him on our own were shallow and murky.

Jesus announced that God’s heavenly kingdom was breaking out of Heaven to invade earth. God had a plan to restore the connection we broke – He was pursuing loving relationships with His creation.

At the culmination of the ages, perfect Jesus was put to death.

But then He rose again and changed everything.

His death for us dug a deep well and reached what we could not. He got to the root of the problem by sacrificing his own life for us, making it possible for us to be reconciled with God. He died a sin-conquering death and rose a life-saving resurrection. Now we can live in connection with God! We can let His love into our lives to give us spiritual thirstlessness, and eternal life with Him!

Jesus Christ began a global movement to reconcile all the world to His father God. All those who begin a new life in Christ are a part of His church – citizens of God’s kingdom on Earth, being used by God to spread the truth about Jesus to all who will listen, to reconcile all peoples of the earth to Himself. The church began as a dozen people who knew Him. Like us, after tasting living water they couldn’t help but share it. Two thousand years later, billions of people have come to know God through Jesus, and His movement is moving more powerfully than ever.

So come on in! When you stop living for yourself, you can start living for God’s kingdom (and He’ll make sure you’re taken care of). Jesus says that if you know who he is, you will ask Him for living water and He will give it to you. He will get you to the Father, and you’ll be adopted into God’s family.

Now that you know about the well, we urge you not to keep laboring over living for yourself and drinking dirty water.

If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.
- Jesus

God has compassion and deep love for those who don’t know Him. We ride because He gives us His compassion and love for them as well.