Support the Team

Without the love and care of thousands of friends around the nation, our ride would be impossible. Your support means the world to us.

You can help by:

PRAYING for the ride

Prayer is the best way for anyone to support us. We want the Holy Spirit to help us through our whole journey. We want the people we share Jesus with to be ready to hear. We want all of us to understand God’s bottomless compassion and immeasurable glory. Beyond that, in prayer God may lead you to support us in other ways.


GIVING to the LWI Fund

We’re raising $20 for every mile we ride. Every dollar will go straight to Living Water International to support their projects which bring clean water to those who need it most.

Give h2o


SPREADING the word

The more people that know about us, the more support we will have behind our mission. We would deeply appreciate you connecting with us and encouraging others to do the same.

Your friends and family have friends and family too! We can only meet our goals with this ride if our story is told to far more people than we’ll ever meet.

Here are ways to connect with us:

- follow us on Twitter
- share and like us on Facebook
- subscribe to our email list: 


FINDING HOSTS along the way

We are trying to find people along our route who would be interested in hosting us or sponsoring an event for us to meet others and present our message. For more info, read about hosting the team:

Help find hosts

Then, let us know if you know anyone along our way who might want to help.

DONATING to the Rider Support Fund

Though our primary financial goal is to raise money for Living Water International, some of our supporters would like to donate to help with ride costs. The Rider Support Fund covers expenses such as gasoline (for our support vehicle), the team jerseys, food, fees for camping, printing of materials and some other equipment and supplies.

Thanks be to God and our amazing supporters, we have reached our $8,000 goal. We will accept additional donations in case they are needed. If they are not, we will give them to the LWI Fund at the ride’s end.

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