Hosting the Team

Information for Hosts

Hosting the h2o team is huge way to support us. If you are a confirmed host that we’ve yet to visit, THANK YOU for saying yes. We’ll see you soon, and be sure to contact us with any questions you have. If you are contemplating hosting us, we appreciate your time and consideration, and we hope this page of information helps you in deciding and/or planning for our visit.


Our team consists of 8 people altogether:

  • 5 cyclists (1 married couple and 3 other guys)
  • 3 supporters (1 married couple and their 3-year-old daughter)

You can learn more about us on our team page.


Aside from the few days we’ve camped in national parks, each day we ride we are hosted in a building in or near our day’s destination city. Sometimes we sleep in church buildings, sometimes we sleep in homes.


To find out what day we are riding to your city, check out our route. If we have a sabbath or a break day after our arrival day, then we will be staying those nights as well.

Our typical arrival time is between 3 PM & 6 PM, depending on the length of the day and a few other factors. An hour or two before we arrive, (when we have a more precise estimate,) our support crew will give you a call. (If you prefer that we call you at a phone for which we may not have the number, send it to us.)

On the morning we are set to depart, we will typically leave between 6 AM & 8 AM.

Our Needs

Essential Accommodations

The only thing we really need from a host is:

  • A place to lay our heads:
    • Many times we sleep on church floors.
      • The cyclists have sleeping pads & sleeping bags so any place is fine.
      • The support crew has a lightweight camper that works best in a parking lot or driveway.
    • Sometimes we are split into homes.
      • Homes can be nice since they usually have a shower, a washer/dryer, and a kitchen.
      • Because the support crew has a camper, the team altogether usually fits comfortably in (and outside) just 1 or 2 homes.

Optional Provisions

Anything else you would like to do to help us would be a wonderful blessing, but whatever you (or whoever else is involved) would like to do is absolutely up to you. Here is a list (sorted by order of importance) of more ways to assist us:

  • Connections:
    • We love meeting people and sharing our mission with them. Whether it’s a small family, a bible study, a youth group, a church congregation, or a baseball stadium, if you can arrange a way for us to visit with people and talk with them about our mission, we would be deeply thankful.
    • Some have put on small fundraisers for us (donations for hot dogs!), and some have hosted community events where we can present.
    • In any case, we cannot meet our goals without meeting new people on a daily basis.
  • Food:
    • We are capable of acquiring and making our own snacks, dinners & breakfasts (if there is a kitchen available), but if you’d like to help us with any food that would be awesome! This could help save us money and energy, and it will give us an opportunity for fellowship if you’ll join us!
    • Beyond that, we’d be happy to eat whatever you’d like to cook!
      • Nobody in our group has any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
      • It helps for us to eat something fairly soon after our ride ends, whether it be a snack or an early dinner.
      • Bread makes a great accompaniment with any meal after a long ride.
      • Any kind of breakfast will do, especially if it has a bit of heartiness to it. (Examples could include pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, waffles, cereal, yogurt, etc.)
  • Showers:
    • If there is a shower in or nearby the building we are being hosted in, we would love to take advantage of it! We can even use our own towels if none are available.
  • Laundry:
    • Every few days we have to do some laundry. If there is a washer/dryer in or near the building we are being hosted in, we have our own detergent and would love to use ‘em.
  • Internet:
    • To keep our followers posted and to keep the operations of the ride running smoothly, a connection to the internet would be greatly appreciated, wired or wireless.
  • Press & Media:
    • If you would like to contact anyone from the local news outlets, we’d be happy to meet with them in an effort to raise awareness about our ride, the water crisis, and Living Water International. You can refer them to our website for details and contact information.

We are thrilled that you are hosting us or at least considering it! It is by God’s grace that our team has been taken care of throughout our trip, using people like you to do it. We try to be a pretty easy bunch. We’ve been told that we’re pretty fun visitors. All in all, we ride for the thirsty and we hope to tell their story to as many people as will listen. Thank you for joining us in Jesus’ name.