Updates From the Team

What just happened?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Now, we are back home and there will be a lot to process before we better understand what we have just been through. It will be time before we know what God still has to teach us from it all. I’m thankful for [...]

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Austin TX

There’s no place like home. On 11/11/11 we rode into Austin and completed the h2o ride. We pedaled through downtown and out to the Pfluger Bridge to return to where our ride began. Then we held a party with our families and supporters to remember and celebrate everything we had done together. Thank you God for [...]

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Glimpses of Eden

I had wanted to write about Yosemite for some time, but I was either lacking in time, equipment, or energy.  I wanted to write about the majesty and beauty I experienced there and how amazing that day’s ride was.  But the days after turned into weeks.  The road went up the coast where the air [...]

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Green Mountain Boys

By this time you may have heard rumors of the h2o ride’s first of October.  It was a day that I’m sure everyone in the group will remember for some time to come.  With temperatures in the 40s and steady rain falling, no one was excited to head out on the road. But as the [...]

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How to know you’re in the South

- The sun comes out. – It gets flat. – People say “y’all.” – Sun Drop – People know how to make sweetea. – Statues of General Lee dominate the square. – Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. – Trees grow out of the water. – Shrimp and grits for breakfast. – Cotton blankets the fields. [...]

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Guest Blog: Hooked in Montana

In mid-August, Eric’s parents June & Bill Breckinridge spent almost two weeks with us as we rode through Washington, Idaho and Montana. Here is a post from June about her time with the team that gives an example of the amazing people we meet along our journey. On a beautiful evening in Kalispell, MT as [...]

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And we did

Brace yourself, friends. The long break in our correspondence requires a long update. After many weeks of big sky country, interesting findings in ND, a week off in the windy city, and hilly, silvan countrysides the team made it to Maine and the Atlantic mostly safe, sound and not too warm. Autumn comes quickly in [...]

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Give it your all

In 2009 I rode the Texas 4000 for Cancer and it helped me think of & do the h2o ride. Here’s a post I’ve just written on the Texas 4000 blog: Two years ago I got to Anchorage on a bicycle. My team and I gave it our all for 70 days to get there. [...]

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Stranger things have happened (Day 53)

The church we stayed at in Gold Bar was so great. They made us an awesome enchilada dinner and provided a wonderful breakfast. The pastor got his church involved with our mission by challenging the VBS kids to raise money for us. If they raised $100 he would get a pie in the face. If they [...]

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To the Land of Ports (Day 46)

We awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee wafting through the house. That was about the only thing that was going to get me outta the comfy bed I slept in. We broke our fast in the grandest fashion: belgian waffles, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, hot tea filled our bellies. Our hosts, [...]

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