40 Miles of Purpose

Throughout all of our preparations, I must admit that training has not been a top priority for us. The three riders we have so far have all done a long-distance cycling tour in the past.

But since our departure date is approaching quickly (we leave in 6 weeks!), we decided we should go on a ride Saturday. We set out around 4:00 PM aiming for 50 miles, but we weren’t sure there’d be enough daylight to do all 50.

We began in the North Campus areas and went “out east”.

Before we left, we prayed and asked God to bless our ride and help us achieve good training of all sorts. Here is my list of blessings God poured out:

  • Jillian’s tire was busted but God provided a spare tire.
  • Joel’s tube went flat but God allowed a quick and successful flat change.
  • Though the weather was dry and we were thirsty, God provided convenience stores just at the right places and times for us to refill our water bottles. I had even forgotten to pack a snack, but was able to get what I needed because of this.
  • We took a wrong turn and went 6 miles off course before realizing it. With 6 miles in another direction (Good call Troves!) we made it back to our route in a way that had cut 22 miles off of our route. I’ve now identified that we missed the turn because I somehow forgot to write down one step in the directions. Miraculously, the change was exactly what we needed, making our 50 mile route the 40 mile route we actually had time for. To think that through our error God would provide the perfect solution to our problem!
  • Though we were concerned about leaving late, God got us through the ride with more time in the cooler part of the day and just enough daylight to be safe.

Overall I discovered this purpose in our ride: God is our Helper.

I will no longer enter our rides expecting all to go according to our plan. Instead I will pray even more for God to guide us and help us accomplish the work He has called us to.

That is why we sing “Help us to stay on the route You’ve chosen!” in our chant.

Seeking first His kingdom,


About Joel Farris

I pedal seeking to take a part in God's movement to reconcile all the world to Himself. I used to live for myself, a hopeless life handicapped by fear. But Jesus pulled me out of the boat onto the water. With Him I am on the move, faithfully, courageously following my teacher. And He led me to be His disciple on a bicycle, on the h2o ride. Read more...

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