The Roundabout Way

Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite devotional books, God Calling. Jillian & I found this entry to be vividly relevant to our mission with h2o.

The Roundabout Way

Through briers, through waste places, through glades, up mountain heights, down into valleys, I lead. But ever with the Leadership goes the Helping Hand.

Glorious to follow where your Master goes. But remember that the varied path does not always mean that you need the varied training.

We are seeking lost sheep — we are bringing the Kingdom into places where it has not been known before. So realize that you are joining Me on My quest — My undying quest, tracking down the souls.

I am not choosing ways that will fret and tire — just to fret and tire; we are out to save. You may not always see the soul we seek. I know.

Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.” Luke 15:6

I find it so encouraging to understand the ways God will use us to find His lost sheep. That though we may not be “ready” for this, He is ready to use us. And that Jesus will be with us along the way – in fact it’d be better understand h2o as His ride that we’re accompanying Him on.

I may post more of these at some point… I hope you enjoyed reading this. We leave Monday, are you coming?

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