Powerless (Day 15)

Chad & Janet offered us the most restful rest we could’ve asked for. Saying goodbye to them was hard. Fortunately, Chad companioned the first 20 miles with us to help soften the blow… It was great riding with you Chad! I’m not sure when we’ll see y’all next, but I know there will be a time.

Along today’s ride we crossed the San Jaun River. Then I got a flat, thanks to a staple.

Crossing the San Jaun

Next we went by Shiprock (AKA Tsé Bit’a'í). Pretty spooky lookin’!

Troves made a good connection with a man named Dwayne at a gas station near the border. It’s cool to hear two strangers (who don’t even know each other’s names yet) share stories about how God has ruined their life for the ordinary.

Today was certainly a warm day and after 80 miles, with 20 to go, I started feeling it. That and I thought I might be getting sick.

In the last 4 miles, I got another flat thanks to an old tire and a rock. Only this time, I didn’t have a spare tube in my saddle bag. I had used it earlier and forgotten to replace it. I was riding with Jillian and I asked her if she had one. But she didn’t either. So I called after Abe, the next rider up, but a car was going by him and he couldn’t hear me. Before we knew it he was just too far ahead of us to be able to hear my yell. Jillian took off after him to try and contact him and I stood there holding my useless bike as she disappeared down around a hill after him. I was powerless.

I began to walk toward Dennehotso. We only had about 4 miles I thought, I’ll get there eventually. After about 10 minutes of walking and running and stopping and thinking and praying I realized that… As powerless as I felt on foot alongside the emptiest road in Arizona, God was still all-powerful. And having Him as Father meant all was well.

Eventually Abe came rolling back up the hill (as I was running toward him rolling my bike along with me) and we fixed the flat and pedaled the rest of the way into little Dennehotso.

I was feeling very ill by the time we rolled up to our church in Dennehotso. We carried our bikes through about a quarter mile of sand/road to get to it. The church was also powerless (electricity-wise), but it did have a shower! And puppies!

I took a shower, dampened my pack towel and laid it on my forehead to cool it down, blew up my sleeping pad, prayed Holy Spirit help my health. I’m on the road you’ve called me to and I need my health to continue, Father please heal me in Jesus’ name, and closed my eyes.

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