Stranger things have happened (Day 53)

The church we stayed at in Gold Bar was so great. They made us an awesome enchilada dinner and provided a wonderful breakfast.

The pastor got his church involved with our mission by challenging the VBS kids to raise money for us. If they raised $100 he would get a pie in the face. If they raised $200 he would dye his hair blue. (A week later we heard his hair was blue that Sunday!)

Our ride from Gold Bar to Wenatchee included a beautiful climb through Steven’s Pass.

A chilly, foggy morning turned into a sunny afternoon as we descended the other side of the mountains.

As Troves and Joel entered Wenatchee a man stopped them on the roadside and invited the team over to his house for swimming and showers. He said he stopped because he saw the cross on their jerseys. Awesome! So, while some cooked and ate a pasta dinner at FUMC, Joel, Troves, and I headed to Jim’s house. We met his family, got clean, and watched one of his daughters open birthday gifts before they headed to her favorite restaurant for dinner. Yes, they left for dinner while we were finishing up showers. “Eat whatever you find in the fridge,” they said as they walked out the door. I love the kindness of strangers and the simple generosity and trust between brothers and sisters of Christ. What a blessing!

After this encouraging interaction we headed back to the church to eat our fill of pasta, do laundry, and go to bed.

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