To the Land of Ports (Day 46)

We awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee wafting through the house. That was about the only thing that was going to get me outta the comfy bed I slept in. We broke our fast in the grandest fashion: belgian waffles, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, hot tea filled our bellies.

Our hosts, The Uttis, were so nice, their house so beautiful and breakfast so delightful that we didn’t want to leave. But leave we must.

Our destination for the day was Portland, only 40 miles away! The guys sent the support crew + 1 on their way, deciding they could do without a rest stop. (This was to be my fourth day off the bike.) We sped off to Mosaic, with whom we had made arrangements the previous day. We were grateful to find a host in Portland at the last minute and thankful they had a parking lot! After parking the RV (an ordeal I skipped out on by playing Wizard of Oz with Dorothy — I mean Audrey), we got coffee and walked around a cool part of town for a bit.

The guys arrived a little later with news that Joel had had a scary crash. Going about 30 mph downhill, he pointed out a roadkill raccoon in the shoulder. Doing so in his super-tuck made him lose balance and swerve off the road. He and his bike flipped over each other a few times and landed in some soft shrubbery on the side of the road.

The two of them rode away with hardly a scratch! Abe, who was behind him, said it seemed like Joel should have been hurt pretty bad. Thank God for his protection!

After getting situated at the church everyone split up to pursue various activities. Joel and I had our minds set on getting some good food as soon as possible. We walked a few blocks to Killer Burger to accomplish our mission.

Later that day, Abe’s wife, Kate, joined us! She filled the back seat of the support vehicle with me until Seattle. It was really fun having her with us, and I can see why Abe likes her so much!

I went to bed that night planning on riding out of Portland with the guys (which ended up being a bad plan). I had no idea that it was going to take almost another 2 weeks before my knee would let me start easing back into cycling. A blog post about humility, pain, and innovative ways to entertain a three-year-old is soon to come.

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