Give it your all

In 2009 I rode the Texas 4000 for Cancer and it helped me think of & do the h2o ride. Here’s a post I’ve just written on the Texas 4000 blog:

Two years ago I got to Anchorage on a bicycle. My team and I gave it our all for 70 days to get there.

Yesterday one of my biggest role models passed away because of cancer. Steve Jobs changed the world in many ways, and there’s a great reason for that. From the Macintosh to Toy Story to the iPhone, he is famous around the globe because he ‘gave his all’ to every project he took on.

Today news sources report that Steve fought his cancer “with an awesome intensity” from the start.

Today I’m still pedaling, and his life & death give me even more inspiration for my current project:

The h2o Ride

Living with an awesome intensity means not being lazy or normal or giving up. It is the challenge we all face. By the end of my life I hope I have managed to inspire others to live for more than themselves. And here is the question I am faced with:

How much of myself am I giving?

How much are you giving?

[this post can also be found the Texas 4000 blog]

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