Guest Blog: Hooked in Montana

In mid-August, Eric’s parents June & Bill Breckinridge spent almost two weeks with us as we rode through Washington, Idaho and Montana. Here is a post from June about her time with the team that gives an example of the amazing people we meet along our journey.

On a beautiful evening in Kalispell, MT as we enjoyed the cool breezes and beautiful vista of the Dowler’s homestead, I was hooked. A little boy named Noah, who loves to fish asked if I would like to see his lure collection. He had Joel and I wander around past the chicken coop to a little trailer where he opened the door and invited us in. His eyes lit up as he unlatched his tackle box and began to pull out each lure and explain what type of fish each one attracts. Pulling out his prize lure, a cylindrical shaped shiny, bright red and gold lure that looked like a Christmas tree ornament to me he said, “This is my favorite, my grandpa gave it to me. He then explained that it was for catching Pike and the hooks had to be big because Pike have really sharp teeth. When he was finished showing us his collection, he pulled out a lure for both Joel and I to take with us. A child with such a generous heart to share something he prized totally touched my heart.

Not knowing how to carry it for the rest of the evening, I attached the lures to the hem of my shirt. His mother smiled when she saw them and said, “I see Noah wanted to share with you.” As I told her how touched I was with his giving heart, she explained that they often have to tell him he can’t give everything away. I pray that the Lord prospers him abundantly and that he will always keep his giver’s heart.

As I reflected on the lure collection, I wonder if perhaps God was using this little boy to remind us about how to fish. We must know about the fish first. Where do they live, what do they seek, what do they require, what attracts them? Then we must carefully choose the best lure and cast it out and wait. Sometimes fish will follow the lure very cautiously, they may nibble or bite, they may even get hooked. There are different baits for different fish, just as there are different ways to reach different people with the Good News about Christ.

I think about all the different fish and people in this world but the one thing they both have in common is their need for water and food to survive. Riding along with the h2o ride team has made me aware of how important it is to show Christ’s love in practical ways by providing the basic needs for people. As the opportunities are open, we are often more able to discuss spiritual needs.

That night I couldn’t pull the hooks out of my shirt hem. I was hooked. My prayer is that through the efforts of this team many people, both in our own country and around the world will be “hooked” for Christ.


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June Breckinridge
h2o Home Team

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