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Glimpses of Eden

I had wanted to write about Yosemite for some time, but I was either lacking in time, equipment, or energy.  I wanted to write about the majesty and beauty I experienced there and how amazing that day’s ride was.  But the days after turned into weeks.  The road went up the coast where the air [...]

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Wandering for Joy

Less than a year ago, I found the answer to my question.  I had been tiresomely searching for years but to no avail.  Substituting and creating things with my own hands to solve a problem that I did not know existed nor needed to be solved.  Joy was what was lacking.  Pure and genuine joy.  [...]

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Albuquerque (Day 10)

Apparently another week of riding has already gone by.  The strange feeling of time simultaneously fleeting and dawdling has already begun.  It is only a matter of time before this “bike ride” shifts from an event into a lifestyle.  After completing my bike ride to Alaska three years ago, I remember a slight readjustment in [...]

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Letting go (Day 3)

Here goes my first blog post since we left. It looks like I will usually be writing on Wednesdays, so I will go ahead and name this time “mid-week with Troves” (suggestions for a better name are highly encouraged). While it has only been a mere three days of riding, I am tired enough to [...]

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Last night the odometer on my car hit 8,840 miles.  I felt that this would be a good opportunity for me to break the blogging ice since we will soon be blogging a lot.  If you have looked at our website or talked to us at all, I’m sure you are familiar with this number [...]

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